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Re: Just suscribed.

On Aug 9, 2012, at 13:54, phi gcc wrote:

> Thanks for your prompt answers.
> I will look at the BeagleBoard then.
> About QEMU, I am a bit ilitereate about QEMU/KVM, I know only vbox and
> its trivial GUI, I will look if booting an ARM kernel in a QEMU guest
> is ok regarding perf and kernel build.

qemu is a bit different from those others because it is processor emulation. The other tools are either paravirtulization or other types of emulation of silicon. But qemu mostly, if not entirely, focuses on ARM allowing you to do cross-compilation on a speedy x86 machine against ARM instructions.

Of course, if you have a particular target you may want to compile on the target directly. 



> I'd like to stay of xcompile....
> Will see what I get.
> Thanx for the boards pointers.
> Cheers,
> Phi
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