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Re: Marvell PXA168/128 meg/800x600 LCD

Dear Martin Michlmayr,

> * tholed62082@mypacks.net <tholed62082@mypacks.net> [2012-06-12 11:11]:
> > Debian should be possible on here, no?
> It's possible to run Debian armel on this hardware.
> > Would any of the armel installers work on here do you think or would
> > I have to start from scratch?
> The installer won't work.  ARM is not like x86 where one
> kernel/installer will work on the majority of PCs.

Unless you do DT. And if you use mainline kernel, that's the way to go ...

> On ARM, you need a
> kernel for each CPU/SoC platform and you have to add support in the
> installer for each platform and for each device.
> Debian doesn't offer a kernel for the PXA168 and neither do we have
> support in the installer.
> You basically have three options:
> a) Generate a Debian kernel package for PXA168 and adapt the installer
> so it will use your custom repo.
> b) Use debootstrap to generate a Debian base system, build your own
> kernel and offer that to download for users.
> c) Add a PXA168 kernel to Debian and add support in Debian.  I don't
> know how much interest there's in PXA168 though.

Best regards,
Marek Vasut

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