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Marvell PXA168/128 meg/800x600 LCD

Hello group --

First time poster. No nasty links in here, I promise!

This device:


is pretty much orphaned. Chumby Industries recently closed its doors. For now the server infrastructure for these devices is being maintained, but the users are all scrambling to find alternate uses. It has only 128 meg memory, and the processor is one of these:
http://www.marvell.com/application-processors/armada-100/assets/pxa_168_pb.pdf running at 800Mhz.

Debian should be possible on here, no? I know it is not much memory, but for light tasks......

Would any of the armel installers work on here do you think or would I have to start from scratch?

I did look through the list indices for quite a while, but I didn't find anything on this processor/device.


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