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Re: Getting Debian running on an EfikaMX Smartbook

On Sat, 24 Mar 2012 21:50:50 +0100
Martin Lucina <martin@lucina.net> wrote:
> It says there, right in the first post:
> "NOTE: No 2D/3D drivers have been included, as I'm in the process of
> converting these to multiarch and setting up the repository for easier
> download via apt-get. Stay tuned."

Right you are, my message was unclear, I meant 2D accelerated drivers (for video playback,etc). Using fbdev works just fine for unaccelerated 2D graphics.
> Can you please confirm whether or not the image
> "efikamx-armhf-20120226.img" is supposed to boot out of the box on the
> Smartbook?

Yes that's the one.

> I understand that there would be work and time required to get display
> drivers into the mainline; that's fine. But presumably at least the
> pre-built image above can actually be used to boot a Smartbook today?


> As for the installer script, I only need that if I want to
> rebuild/customize your image from scratch, right?

or to install to the internal ssd, yes.
> Yes, thanks, you've certainly reassured me -- apologies if my original post
> was somewhat ranty, I just had the feeling I had purchased another random
> embedded thingy with two-year old software on it I could do nothing about
> :-)

no need to apologize, ARM has only just started to gain consumer attention and some things are a bit rough and experimental, though I believe in 2-3 years time it will be as common to buy an ARM-based laptop as it is for a x86 one (fingers crossed) :)

Konstantinos Margaritis <markos@genesi-usa.com>

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