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Re: Linux over LPC1769

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 05:00:27PM -0300, Gustavo wrote:
> I'm working in a new project and we are wondering to use Linux over
> ARM LPC1769 cortex M3.
> Anyone have previous experience on the field.
> I'm new on this stuff....
> Help will be hopelly recevied :)

The M3 is very low end.  It is an ARM based microcontroller.  I believe
that particular one has 64KB of ram and 512KB of flash.  Not even uclinux
could run on that.

And since it is a Cortex-M it has no MMU, so uclinux would be the only
thing with a chance to run, but not in 64KB.

debian-arm runs on Cortex-A series, not Cortex-M.  The A series
is for applications devices running full OSs.  The M series is for
microcontroller jobs that are way smaller and more focused on a single

Len Sorensen

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