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Re: still trouble with the NSLU2

Thank you for all the replies, I really appreciate.

@Mark: I don't think it can be alignement errors,  because  such  errors
would appear on all NSLU2 running Debian, while I seem to  be  the  only
one to have such problems. Thank you anyway for the suggestion.

On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 12:15:09PM +0100, Rainer H. Rauschenberg wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Jan 2012, Nicola Bernardini wrote:
> > However, as soon as I ran 'apt-get dist- upgrade' I got a segfault while 
> > running the 'Building dependency tree' at around 6 %. I also tried to 
> > install a few packages (like sudo etc.), but 'apt-get install' segfaults 
> > always when 'Building dependency tree'.
> I ha similar problems on one of my three nslu2s (still running lenny). 
> >From what I googled I thin this is a weak ram.

That sounds as a more likely issue. Is there anyway I can test  the  RAM
on the NSLU2? If it turns out that it  is  broken,  I  suppose  this  is
something that it is hard to fix, isn't it?

> > Can someone please tell me what's wrong? Or is it the hardware  that  is
> > dying? (Note: the disk is a brand new 2.5 external HDD  without  external
> > power supply: could this be the problem?)
> You should always check the power supply of the nslu2, I had mor than one 
> that failed softly, exposing various strange errors.

I see. What should I test?  that  the  nominal  voltage  is  proper  and
stable?  However,  if  that  was  the  case,  the  machine  would   fail
erratically, I believe, while it appears to fail quite deterministically
(upon an apt-get upgrade, for example).

Thanks again


Nicola Bernardini
Scuola di Musica Elettronica
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