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Re: still trouble with the NSLU2

Nicola Bernardini wrote:

>> I've seen segfaults from apt-get on Squeeze running on SPARC, but due
>> to pressure of other commitments haven't had time to follow them up-
>> I reverted to Lenny for the machine I was working on.
>> Knowing that both SPARC and (the variant of ARM in) the NSLU2 are
>> susceptible to alignment errors, that would be where I'd look.

@Mark: I don't think it can be alignement errors,  because  such  errors
would appear on all NSLU2 running Debian, while I seem to  be  the  only
one to have such problems. Thank you anyway for the suggestion.

It would apply to everybody running NSLU2s with /that/ version of Debian, which I suspect is a very small number of people. I'd suggest reverting to Lenny, exercising the unit thoroughly (e.g. do a kernel build) and then basing your opinion of its reliability on what you see.

You should always check the power supply of the nslu2, I had mor than one that failed softly, exposing various strange errors.

I see. What should I test?  that  the  nominal  voltage  is  proper  and
stable?  However,  if  that  was  the  case,  the  machine  would   fail
erratically, I believe, while it appears to fail quite deterministically
(upon an apt-get upgrade, for example).

Basic parameters are DC voltage on load, and AC ripple on load. You'll probably need fairly decent test equipment to see the switching frequency.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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