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Re: Bug#615513: release.debian.org: armhf inclusion into the archive

On 04.01.2012 07:41, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
On 03/01/12 at 22:54 +0000, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
(fwiw, the not-yet-built list includes webkit and ruby1.9.1, each of
which have a number of other packages directly or indirectly stuck
behind them).


FYI, we are considering making 1.9.X the default version of Ruby in
wheezy. It scares me a bit that you want to include armhf in testing
when ruby1.9.1 doesn't build on armhf because the test suite segfaults

Inclusion in testing doesn't imply release architecture status or blocking the migration of packages on other architectures, at least at this stage of the cycle. However, if we are going to get any new architectures to release status for wheezy, we really need to start getting them in to testing soon, to give us more time to fix issues that arise.

I know that the porters have been looking at the ruby1.9.1 issue and aiui replicated it on another release architecture, but they're better placed to expand on that.



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