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Re: Bug#615513: release.debian.org: armhf inclusion into the archive

On Tue, 2012-01-03 at 22:00 +0000, peter green wrote:
> armhf has now pretty much cleared the needs-build queue (the only things 
> left are non-free stuff and recently added stuff) and has built arround 
> 89% of the archive (placing it between kfreebsd and ia64) with about 
> 99.5% up to date (placing it between amd64 and i386). Would now be a 
> good time to begin inclusion in testing?

I had been planning on having a look at the situation for both armhf and
s390x over the period between Christmas and New Year, but for a variety
of reasons that never happened.  It's still on my short-term to-do list;
it's not quite as simple as just adding the relevant entries to the
configuration file, sadly, or we'd have done it already. :-)

(fwiw, the not-yet-built list includes webkit and ruby1.9.1, each of
which have a number of other packages directly or indirectly stuck
behind them).



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