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Re: Bug#615513: release.debian.org: armhf inclusion into the archive

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 10:54 PM, Adam D. Barratt
<adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> wrote:

(fwiw, the not-yet-built list includes webkit and ruby1.9.1, each of
which have a number of other packages directly or indirectly stuck
behind them).

 ahh... webkit.  do you have a system anywhere that has 2gb of RAM?
if not, i strongly strongly advise skipping the debug builds on any
webkit library.

 as webkit is mostly c++ and as pretty much everything goes into one
massive library with hundreds of object files that are very closely
inter-dependent, linking the library requires a whopping 1.5gb of
*resident* memory in order to complete within a reasonable amount of

 anything outside of that - even by a marginal amount - will result in
the build machine absolutely thrashing its nuts off.

 1gb is not enough (tried it...).  1.5gb will not be enough.  2gb is
the bare minimum for the link stage
Well anthiel built the armel webkit package (including debug packages)
successfully and according to the machines database it only has 1.5Gb of ram.
OTOH the build DID take 33 hours.

Furthermore the failure on armhf didn't look like a timeout to me, the error
was "ERROR: can't resolve libraries to shared libraries: javascriptcoregtk-3.0, webkitgtk-3.0".

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