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Re: Debian on Nokia N900?

On 10/30/2011 12:45 PM, Sebastian Reichel wrote:
In short: There is more than enough work for you.

Well, I am currently exploring the possibilities, being this the first time I have done such a setup. I have experienced a few crashes by now in e17, but hey, this is still a fragile environment, even on desktops. I used e17 for a while, both on Debian and Elive, and I shall get around tablet version ilume quite quickly. Will take a look at community work, but atm my focus is almost entirely locked on my local installation, configs, maybe a dd to save some time at future rebuilds, let's say I still have plenty of fun reserved for today.
My TODO, by now, lists:
- check for missing features in Debian, and try to locate packages that can supply a working model, as free as possible; - inspect Maemo's packages, and see what can be done about them (and looking on what community did by now);
- investigate the kernel and locate missing features / modules etc.
That should do it for today and maybe more.
Until now, I did (almost) all my config work in Maemo via ssh and chroot. I will try to make the same setup directly in Debian, since it is much easier to type on a natural-sized keyboard :)

Explore first, then conquer! Thanks for your priceless help, which was saving me many hours by now!


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