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Debian on Nokia N900?

Hi there,

Nokia released some time ago some smartphones using a Debian-based OS, which they called Maemo.
I was wondering if anybody on this list had any previous experience with the N900
, trying to setup a
vanilla Debian system. The arch used would be armel, and I guess the original phone software (well,
the important pieces) can still be installed via apt-pinning from the Maemo repositories.

The only variant I have found searching the web was a chroot-ed install which I am sure is killing the battery
pretty fast, since it produces a reasonable amount of system load. And, of course, I want it to run smoothly :)

I have tried the direct change in /etc/apt/sources.list, pointing to stable, then oldstable, but the result
was a major failure both times, each try ending with downgrading udev and some other major implications.

I guess a direct Debian install would a nice choice, and then installing the Nokia's apps and tools directly
from the Maemo repository, but with the main package source set to some official Debian mirror.

What I am not sure about:
- a safe and easy to restore backup method via USB data connection / USB networking
- installation method
- whether is recommended or not to use Embedded Debian, although the amount of storage space is more than
generous on N900 (~32GB for root / internal memory, and I also have a 16GB MicroSD card)

I guess anybody with a minimum of experience in embedded devices can help me with this one. I never attempted
this kind of operation before.


P.S.: This is a forward from my original message on debian-user list. I took the liberty of sending exactly the same
message, although some of you may be members of debian-user too. Sorry if it got twice in front of you.

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