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Re: Debian GNU/Linux on tablet hardware

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 8:42 PM, Rob van der Hoeven
<robvanderhoeven@ziggo.nl> wrote:
>> >
>> > The FreedomBox project is looking for very cheap hardware. This hardware
>> What about the shortly to be released Raspberry Pi?
> I like the Raspberry Pi model B ($35 with 10/100Mb Ethernet). I will
> probably buy one.

 yes... that's not $25, is it?

> But... the subject of this tread is: Debian GNU/Linux
> on tablet hardware. The discussion is becoming much to broad now (all my
> fault, i started using the FB word :-)

 :)  ok then strictly speaking i'm off-topic, too.  ok, not exactly,
because of this:

 right - there you go: discussion back "on topic" :)

 so, yep, EOMA/PCMCIA compliant tablet.  mass-volume BOM: about $40
(using chiprise aka born aka allwinner chipsets).  $3 for casework,
$15 for the PCB, $15 for an 800x480 7in LCD with resistive touch
panel, $7 for a battery.  those are _very_ approximate prices, btw,
and exclude profit margin, a box and a PSU (none of which will be a
lot of money on a mass-volume product).

so that would be a "split" PCB (ok maybe it's $16 instead of $15)
which would _happen_ to be split along the EOMA/PCMCIA lines...

such that it would _happen_ that you could have a "FreedomBox Chassis"
and casework for about $2.

> >From what i understand it is not easy to use GNU/Linux on tablet
> hardware. Even if this hardware is running a Linux kernel. Such a
> shame...

 that's usually because of GPL violations involving the bootloader.

 so, ye gods, let me correct the request again, ok just assume that i
put "and the bootloader and the toolchain and the kitchen sink" into
the request.


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