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Re: Installing Linux on an oddball computer?


Le vendredi 20 mai 2011 à 03:46:52, tai viinikka a écrit :
> Hmmm. That looks weirdly similar to a lot of inexpensive Win
> CE boxes that run on a VIA / Wondermedia 8505 CPU, or its
> siblings. They all seem to have 128 MB of RAM and 2 GB of
> Flash. I've come close to ebaying one.
> I could definitely be wrong, there's lot of cheap weirdness
> (and weird cheapness) out there.
> There is definitely some talk of getting Debian on the
> WM8505s -- you may not have to do it all yourself. :)

Yes, last time I checked, there was WinCE, Android and Debian 
images at
which looks down now, unfortunately, but here is a minimal 
mirror for the Debian image

128 MB is a little low for some X apps and swap on flash, while 
working, is not really appealing.
But those toys may be quite useful (ebook reading, little web-
surfing, ssh consoles...), especially when you get yours for 
free ;o)

 Sylvain Sauvage

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