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Installing Linux on an oddball computer?

Hi there.

My uncle just loaned me a strange netbook from an apparently Taiwanese
company. The netbook is called "Powerpack NET-807" and it looks like


It runs Windows CE 5.0 and this thing is *so* limiting (my Nokia N900
is way more flexible than this) and I would love to run Linux on it.
Unfortunately, I don't even know the architecture that this thing
runs, but on the "My Computer" icon of Windows CE, it says that it has
a "Samsung, ARM-ARM920" [sic] processor.

OTOH, it came with an SD card that has the installation for Windows CE
and I was looking at some of the executables there and, by inspection
with file, this is what I got:

"Skype.exe: PE32 executable for MS Windows 32-bit"

Actually, *many* of the executables in that SD card give me the same
output. Does this mean that they are x86 binaries?

The method for installation of things in this computer is also unusual
to me: the SD card has a big file with a ".nb0" extension and it seems
to be loaded when you hold the power button for, say, 5 seconds or

Is there anybody here that even has a passing experience with such a beast?

Besides that, the Taiwanese company seems to be in danger of some GPL
violation, as it contains some ffmpeg code, but I have yet to see the
sources anywhere in their site...

Any help here would be more than welcome.


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