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Representing Smartphone Debian - Re: Representing California - Re: Optimizing Linux ...... ; gre

On Wed, 4 May 2011 10:30:43 +0200, "Loïc Minier" <lool@dooz.org> said:
> On Tue, May 03, 2011, giovanni_re wrote:
> > So, Who R U Reprasentin'?
>  Bah too many hats, but amongst them Linaro which cares about ARM and
>  Android, and since I hadn't seen your webinar announced there I was
>  digging more details to see whether it was relevant.  I'm still a bit
>  unclear on your motivations, but that's ok  :-)

Hi Loic  :)

Nice to hear about Linaro.  I wish I had more time to learn about it.

Your original message to me was somewhat unclear to me.  In the context
of my post about the seminar, I'm not representing any company. Nor
really any group, either, other than perhaps Smartphone Debian (SD),
which is a project I'm trying to get the Debian community to start.

I'm an ex Debian user, 5 years now KUbuntu.  I'd like to have KUbuntu on
my Smartphone (Samsung Intercept, Virgin Mobil, usa).  I figure the
fastest way to get it is to get Debian to start it.  Since I see no
activity whatsoever within Debian to get a smartphone system developed,
I figured it was my job (free sw community ethos) to get it started.

So, after making the wiki.debian.org/Smartphone page, & trying to get
some interest in it by some posts on the Debian User list, my work on
this (in my nonexistent "free time") led me to start looking into ARM
stuff (cause that's what my smartphone uses). So, I glanced at the
arm.com site, & I saw the announcement for that webinar, which looked
relevant for the readers of this list. So I posted that info to this ARM

I saw the announcement less than 1 day before the event.

So, it was not "my" webinar. ;)   I was just passing on to this list's
readers something I thought might be of interest.  It looks like at
least one reader was interested, given Martin Guy's response.  ;)

Best wishes, everyone.  Eventually I'll try to post here some
"Anyone interested in helping get Smartphone Debian for ARM phones
going?" message here.  ;)

> -- 
> Loïc Minier

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