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Smartphone Debian - Re: Optimizing Linux and Android applications for ARM - Free Webinar 3rd May, 2011, 10h00am Central European Time

On Fri, 6 May 2011 02:40:22 +0200, "Martin Guy" <martinwguy@gmail.com>
> Hi Giovanni.  Publicizing an event on the day it happens is not very
> useful.
> It's a shame, because optimizing Android and its applications for ARM
> phones may soon be a significant part of my work.

:)   Gald you found my post interesting.

> If you're responsible for organizing such an event, can you publicise
> it a few days in advance?

You can read more details in the message I just replied to Loic here in
this thread.

Basically, I'm just a guy, with no association with that event.  I just
noticed it as I was looking at the arm.com site, & thought people
reading this list might be interested in learning about it.

I was actually surprised to see that none of the readers of this list
had sent that info to this list already - cause I'm only a few days
newbie member of this list.  I'd have thought that the members of this
list would post relevant events about arm to this list, to ensure that
everyone here knew about them.  Especially a webinar, which one could
presumably attend from anywhere in the world.

FYI, as I mentioned in that last post, i'm working (in my nonexistent
"free" time), to try to get the Smartphone Debian distro started.

If you're working on Android stuff, perhaps you might also be interested
in helping out on SD.

You can learn more (& contribute to the wiki or anything if you wish)

Might you have any interest in SD?

> Thanks
>     M

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