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Re: Re: QNAP TS-110: how to replace HDD?

Yes, the installer can be flashed from the command line. See http://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=147&t=37149&p=164507&sid=dee8c64d1a8772fc2325acbebe529079

Disclamer: I don't know if the mentioned commands are valid for TS-110.

You are correct, if you update UUIDs in /etc/fstab, a 'update-initramfs -u' is required. What you can do is change the UUIDs on the new disk so that they are identical to those of the old disk. Use tune2fs for ext2/3/4 partitions and mkswap for swap partition. I did this on my TS-119 a while back.


On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 09:42, <ntbox@mardys.de> wrote:

> Since you have the same disk layouts, I would rsync the data from the old to the new disk. Then update /etc/fstab with the UUIDs of the new disk. After that you're good to go.

I tried it actually that way:

- same HDD layout

- copy data (cp -a)

- insert new disk

- try to start

But that resulted in a non-starting system.  It seems to me, that 'update-initramfs -u' is required.

>>- how to start the Debian installer?
> With a serial console, use tftp: http://www.cyrius.com/debian/kirkwood/qnap/ts-119/uboot.html

Any other way directly from the command line?  Would be nice to 'activate' the installer running with the old HDD, replace the HDD (prepared as above) and then follow the procedure from http://www.cyrius.com/journal/debian/installer-flash-kernel.


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