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Re: Debian on SS400-E

On 24/03/11 17:49, chris wilkinson wrote:
> The end result I'm trying to achieve is a NAS functioning as normal but also 
> with Debian so I can add further functions such as Apache.

Your options are probably:

0. Do all the "NAS Stuff" from within Debian - i.e. set up Samba etc.
yourself - just without using the UI.

1. Use the original NAS install (and thus kernel etc.), but run Debian
in a 'chroot'.  As you'll be using an old kernel, you can't use any of
the Debian drivers (or probably things like iptables firewall), but
you'll probably be able to get most of the user-space stuff to work.

2. Attempt the opposite (Debian kernel and userland, with NAS firmware
in the chroot).

3. Use some third party NAS UI firmware on top of Debian, or in a chroot
but using the Debian kernel.  Maybe try and find a NAS distro which is
built on Debian?


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