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ARM endorsing GPL violation by one of its Licensees (Telechips) - TCC8900

i'm sure that ARM are aware of this, but i wanted to double-check and
also alert them, so that i know that they're definitely aware of the

the issue is very simple.  see the following page:


it states that an NDA is required.

upon signing the NDA, a Board Support Package is received, comprising
Linux Kernel Source Code, amongst other things.

(a copy of the TCC8900 Linux Kernel Source code was extracted from a
BSP and uploaded here:

forcing people to sign NDAs to receive GPL source code is in direct
violation of the GPL license.

the problem for ARM is that they are responsible for
malideveloper.com.  a whois for malideveloper.com shows:


therefore, it can be concluded that ARM endorses GPL violation.

i would like to know what ARM is going to be doing about this situation.


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