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Re: Toshiba AC100

On Saturday 09 October 2010 00:21:04 Wookey wrote:
> > My guess is that in the case of the FP variants
> > there are only relatively few packages that are really fp-intensive, so
> > a scheme that allows them to have optimised versions distributed
> > separately might be best, and have the core architecture just cover the
> > "ARMv7" aspect.
> Absolutely - and this is on my list of things to get linaro/ubuntu to
> spend some time on, although I've been told nothing much is going to
> happen on that front until multiarch is actually done, so it'll be a
> while yet before there is much in the way of practical improvements.
> It should start to become clear over the next few months how many
> variants are actually worth supporting. That'll be something at least.

In the meantime he could try the armhf port on debian-ports.org, which targets 
exactly those base requirements: armv7-a, hardfloat ABI (vs softfp), vfpv3-d16 
and thumb2. No NEON is required by default so it should run quite fine on the 
tegra2. Instead of providing just a bunch of optimized packages, every binary 
was rebuilt using the new abi and base specs. Performance has been found 
10-40% faster than equivalent softfp code, in some rare cases 200% gain has 
been observed.

There is no installer yet but I'll upload an updated tarball on 


(There are already a couple there, but they're a bit outdated and I intend to 
provide a new version during the weekend). I'll post the url here on Sunday.

IMHO, starting a new port is a much faster process than waiting for multiarch 
-it took me just a month to build 60% of the debian archive, even with lots of 
problems and it keeps on compiling.

My 2c. 



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