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Re: NSLU2 to Sheevaplug?

On 30/08/10 05:27, Brian Platt wrote:
> I'm currently working on a Linksys NSLU2 (running debian) which I was
> aiming to put into my car. The problem is some software is a complete
> nightmare to get running if at all. When I try to install the same
> software on a white box machine everything is hunky dory. My question is
> would I encounter the same problems with a sheeva plug as it's still
> arm-based?

That depends very much on what sort of problems you're having.

You say that "the same software" runs without problems on a "white box"
(presumably x86) machine.  If you're talking about the actual same
executables then they're certainly not going to run on an ARM box.
(Sorry if this is grandmother <=> egg stuff.)  You need ARM executables
for an ARM box.

If however you are using (or trying to build) ARM executables then yes,
using a SheevaPlug instead of a Slug will make a big difference.  The
processor on a SheevaPlug is about 4 times as fast as that on a turbo
Slug (8 times as fast as a non-turbo Slug), and it has 32 times as much
RAM.  There are some builds which just aren't feasible on a Slug, and
equally there are executables which are just plain too big.  There's not
much that won't run on a SheevaPlug if you attach a decent HDD.

If your problem is lack of memory or CPU grunt on the Slug then a
SheevaPlug will probably fix it for you.


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