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Re: Kurobox Pro recovery

In message <4C76A7B4.8090808@ime.usp.br>you write:
>I don't know if you solved that already or not. I was thinking of talking=
> with
>Martin during this year's Debconf, since I had *exactly* the same behavio=
>ur (and
>my Kuro Pro was donated by Martin himself).

I haven't had any luck whatsoever (partially for lack of time to work on
it), and nobody (until you) replied to my message, so I'm really glad you
sent me your note.

I've also got a linkstation live that I need to upgrade, so I'm hoping the
kurobox approach will work for that.  Though I can always revert that to
the buffalo firmware using tftp if necessary, not an option for the kurobox.

>I have solved it (after quite some silly work), by grabing foonas-em uima=
>(renamed and put onto the tftp directory with a silly initrd, since the u=
>bootloader would request one). [1]
>Once I did that, I could log into the kurobox, set the nvram variables by=
> myself
>and have everything working, so that I could, after that, install Debian'=
>unstable (the one that I use).

That's a great idea, I'll give that a try when I get a chance.  


That seems really helpful, I'll definitely keep a pointer to it, thanks.

It's nice to know someone on the debian list is still using the Kurobox;
after Martin said he'd given his away (probably to you, no less!) and
nobody else responded to my message, I assumed nobody was interested in
the Buffalo boxes anymore.


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