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Re: Kurobox Pro recovery

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Dear John,

On 08/09/2010 11:19 AM, John DiMarco wrote:
> Symptoms: the kurobox grabs
> both files by tftp, then after a short pause, reboots; repeat ad nauseum.

I don't know if you solved that already or not. I was thinking of talking with
Martin during this year's Debconf, since I had *exactly* the same behaviour (and
my Kuro Pro was donated by Martin himself).

I have solved it (after quite some silly work), by grabing foonas-em uimage
(renamed and put onto the tftp directory with a silly initrd, since the uboot
bootloader would request one). [1]

Once I did that, I could log into the kurobox, set the nvram variables by myself
and have everything working, so that I could, after that, install Debian's
unstable (the one that I use).

> Unfortunately I don't have a serial interface on my kurobox
> pro so I can't quite see what specifically is going wrong.

Right. That's my situation too. Using a network console is much easier than
using a serial console (but, of course, more limited too).

I don't know if the vanilla uboot has a network console enabled (not played with
it yet), but that makes everything easier.

Having a network console on the kernel is also not a bad idea. You can see the
appropriate options for this on a page of mine. [2]

[1] http://www.foonas.org/index.php/Foonas-em:kuropro

Hope this helps,

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