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Kurobox Pro recovery

I'm in the process of upgrading my Kurobox pro from freelink to lenny as per 

Since those instructions assume a Kurobox Pro in factory original condition, 
running Buffalo's linux, I am trying to return my Kurobox pro to factory
original condition.  I believe the original kurobox images are still
on flash (given that Freelink boots off hard disk and as far as I know,
doesn't touch them) but I grabbed the contents of /dev/mtdblock1 and it
as "uImage.buffalo" on a tftp server (as per Martins recovery page
and the resulting kernel doesn't seem to run.  Symptoms: the kurobox grabs
both files by tftp, then after a short pause, reboots; repeat ad nauseum.

I put Martin's empty ramdisk up for tftp too, as per the recovery
instructions, so it's not the lack of a ramdisk that's the problem here.

Unfortunately I don't have a serial interface on my kurobox
pro so I can't quite see what specifically is going wrong.
I suspect my uImage.buffalo isn't quite right.  Does anyone here
have a copy of Buffalo's original uImage.buffalo?  I tried the one at
but it behaves similarly.


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