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Re: Failing to boot from sd card

* Shiva Bhattacharjee <shivajee@gmail.com> [2010-07-22 00:49]:
> I selected the "web server", "print server" "ssh server" &
> "database". I tried these same selections two times both from debian
> ftp. All those times, the installation went through but when trying
> to boot, fsck failed and then the installation hung..But I didn't
> know the package selection was the problem, until I tried with just
> the default selection of core utilities, and that worked fine.

I can reproduce this partly.  I don't get the fsck problem but my boot
process also doesn't complete.  I checked /etc/inittab and this looks
fine so it seems that it really hangs.  I haven't had time to
investigate yet.
Martin Michlmayr

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