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Re: Failing to boot from sd card

* Shiva Bhattacharjee <shivajee@gmail.com> [2010-07-21 09:48]:
> Looking at Martin's site, I didn't see the note on the broken
> installer, so I assumed things are working.

Yes, I uploaded fixed installer images last evening.

> My installation completed fine, but while booting from my sd card,
> its just hangs mid-way.

The boot process looks fine to me but obviously the "login" prompt is
missing.  Here is what I think happened: your SheevaPlug reset just
before the installer was done.  This would explain the filesystem
check (the partitions weren't unmounted properly) and the lack of
login prompt (login on the serial console gets activated towards the
end of the instalation).

I suggest you perform a new installation and complete it to the end.
Martin Michlmayr

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