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Re: wxWidgets-2.8 completely broken on lenny arm

Hello Martin,

2010/7/15, Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>:
> * Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com> [2010-07-14 22:54]:
>> I would recommend you tag the bug as 'wontfix', as Debian does not fix
>> stable release, but only provides security updates on the stable
>> release.
> That's not true.  We can fix critical issues in stable too.

Thanks for clarifying.

But I think, and you probably agree with me, that user reporting the
bug should try to move to 'armel' instead of trying to fix a bug (on a
deprecated architecture) which upstream has not bother to fix

Best Regards,
 Héctor Orón

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