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cortex / arm-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi (was Re: armelfp: new architecture name for an armel variant)


2010/7/6, Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com>:
> Dear armel porters,

It is past over a week and people is wanting to start.

I would like to point you to a parallel discussion hold at recent
created Linaro group [1]

There is also a wiki page for the port [2]

The one that bootstraps the port picks the name.

Genesi have recommended 'cortex' as Debian architecture name and
'arm-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi' as triplet. This has been in fact
approved and endorsed -and actually encouraged- by ARM itself, they
really liked the idea of having a debian-cortex port.

So, thanks all for the comments and the high interest.

As Debian Developer I would like to see this port to become an
official Debian port someday and have it hosted at debian-ports.org
whenever posible. I am really trying my best for this work to be part
of the community if community wants it (and it is the right thing to
do (TM)), but you also have to understand, that Genesi (always kind
and willing to work with Debian community) would like to push this in
the best interests of performance for their products present and

[1] http://lists.linaro.org/pipermail/linaro-dev/2010-July/subject.html
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/ArmHardFloatPort

 Héctor Orón

"Our Sun unleashes tremendous flares expelling hot gas into the Solar
System, which one day will disconnect us."

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