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Re: Step 6, or how to boot into single user mode on a nslu2

+++ Jeffrey B. Green [2010-07-07 10:00 -0400]:
> I have a couple of slugs both running debian arm and am now very much  
> aware of the fact that squeeze has dropped arm from the distributions in  
> favor of armel. The only migration procedure that I have discovered so  
> far is the one on the ArmEabiHowto, e.g. the section "Migrating arm  
> installation to arm EABI installation". Althought the procedure is more  
> of a "re-install" approach, which is okay I suppose, the rough point in  
> the procedure is step 6 where it says:
> 6 boot into single user mode and make sure there is no processess running
> So far, I not found a clear description of that step. 

telinit 1

should do the trick. (not tested on my slug)

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