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Step 6, or how to boot into single user mode on a nslu2

I have a couple of slugs both running debian arm and am now very much aware of the fact that squeeze has dropped arm from the distributions in favor of armel. The only migration procedure that I have discovered so far is the one on the ArmEabiHowto, e.g. the section "Migrating arm installation to arm EABI installation". Althought the procedure is more of a "re-install" approach, which is okay I suppose, the rough point in the procedure is step 6 where it says:

6 boot into single user mode and make sure there is no processess running

So far, I not found a clear description of that step. I have found descritpions for the LEDs indicating single user mode, and I've found for bsd systems an rc file setting to force single user mode, but nothing straightforward for debian (and possibly linux) systems. I see where I can muck around with the boot parameters, however I also see many places where my experimentation might go afoul. Invariably I do recover from my nslu2s becoming "non-communicative" however it also invariably does cost me some time and downtime.

So could someone elaborate on step 6 for myself and others, possibly here and on the wiki. (Maybe making the phrase "boot into single user mode" a hotlink to a procedure to do such a thing.)

thanks to all who help keep these things going,

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