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Debian on OpenRD-Ultimate

I added OpenRD-Ultimate support to the Debian kernel but the new version
hasn't been uploaded to the archiev yet.  I put a temporary kernel on
the web so people can install Debian on their OpenRD-Ultimate now.

Instructions are below.  Note that they are untested since I don't have
an OpenRD-Ultimate but they should work... feedback welcome!

First of all, set the machine ID:

setenv mainlineLinux yes
setenv arcNumber 2884

Download the installer files and store them on your TFTP server:
wget http://merkel.debian.org/~tbm/tmp/kernel/uImage-kirkwood_2.6.32-16
wget http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/armel/images/daily/kirkwood/netboot/marvell/openrd/uInitrd

Load them from the TFTP server and start the installer:

setenv serverip
setenv ipaddr
tftpboot 0x01100000 uInitrd
tftpboot 0x00800000 uImage-kirkwood_2.6.32-16
setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 base-installer/initramfs-tools/driver-policy=most apt-setup/local0/repository="http://people.debian.org/~tbm/orion lenny main" apt-setup/local0/key=http://people.debian.org/~tbm/orion/68FD549F
bootm 0x00800000 0x01100000

After the installation, use the kernel from TFTP and the ramdisk from the
installed system to boot (this assumes that you're booting from SATA
disk; adjust the comments if this is not the case):

setenv serverip
setenv ipaddr
tftpboot 0x00800000 uImage-kirkwood_2.6.32-16
ide reset
ext2load ide 0:1 0x01100000 /uInitrd
setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200
bootm 0x00800000 0x01100000'

Then install the new kernel that supports the OpenRD-Ultimate:

wget http://merkel.debian.org/~tbm/tmp/kernel/linux-base_2.6.32-16_all.deb
wget http://merkel.debian.org/~tbm/tmp/kernel/linux-image-2.6.32-5-kirkwood_2.6.32-16_armel.deb
dpkg -i linux-base_2.6.32-16_all.deb
dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.32-5-kirkwood_2.6.32-16_armel.deb

And now configure your machine to boot from disk:

setenv bootargs_console console=ttyS0,115200
setenv bootcmd_sata 'ide reset; ext2load ide 0:1 0x01100000 /uInitrd; ext2load ide 0:1 0x00800000 /uImage'
setenv bootcmd 'setenv bootargs $(bootargs_console); run bootcmd_sata; bootm 0x00800000 0x01100000'
run bootcmd

Martin Michlmayr

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