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Re: guruplug notes

On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 04:52:32PM -0400, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> Thanks for the perspective, Lennart.  Currently, u-boot isn't in debian
> at all, yet i need it to boot my guruplug.  so i'd like to see that
> situation improve, but i'm not sure the best way to do it.
> I see a few possibilities:
>  * package the u-boot sources and make a single u-boot-installer image
> that makes it easy for debian folks to build their own flavor of u-boot.
>  in that case, maybe a "u-boot-install" utility (by analogy with
> grub-install?) would actually compile the code as needed and then move
> it into place.
>  * package u-boot, but only add specific binary packages as requested.
> that is: one source package, and initially maybe only 1 binary package
> (for the guruplug, since i'm the one requesting ;) ).  add more packages
> as people want them?
>  * Make a separate u-boot source package following each of the main
> architecture custodians' "forks", and have each source package create
> separate binary packages for the various sub-arch targets.
> What do folks think would be reasonable?

To some extent uboot is a bit like a PC BIOS.  It really shouldn't ever
require an update.  Of course it is also a boot loader, which might
require updates.  It's tricky.

Compiling on the target could be a pain.  Not everyone wants to install
a compiler on a slow target.  Now using the source package on a fast PC
and building the target package there and using it might work.  Of course
given uboot has to be flashed to update, and not just installed as a
debian package, to some extent the binary doesn't even gain anything
from being in a debian package.

Len Sorensen

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