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guruplug notes

hi debian-arm folks--

I found philippe kehl's nice page about debian and the guruplug:


there are good pointers in there, esp. noting the bizarre stuff they've
shipped in /etc/sudoers and /etc/rc.local

A couple things to add that i've noticed since upgrading my own guruplug
to squeeze (i haven't switched to a stock kernel yet):

 * clean up /etc/fstab -- in particular:

  - the udev listing for /dev shouldn't be there at all,

  - the tmpfs mounted on /var/cache/apt is probably a good thing to
preserve flash, but it probably shouldn't have the default tmpfs mode of
1755 -- i recommend adding mode=0755 to that line.

  - I don't think the /dev/pts, /dev/shm, and /sys lines don't need to
be explicitly listed in /etc/fstab either.

 * put uap8xxx.ko into a reasonable spot for the kernel to find it:

cp /root/uap8xxx.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/net/wireless
depmod -a

   Now you can modprobe for uap8xxx instead of needing to insmod it.

 * get a bunch of cruft out of the way by removing their custom
sheevaplug-wifi-demo package:

 aptitude install dpkg-repack
 dpkg-repack sheevaplug-wifi-demo
 aptitude remove sheevaplug-wifi-demo

As far as the kernel goes:

I'm in the process of re-building the 2.6.32-13 package for kirkwood on
the guruplug itself -- hopefully i can sort out how to boot from it soon
(pointers welcome).

Also, the uap8xxx (libertas_uap) kernel module (source found at [0])
probably needs to be packaged up.  If we can get stock debian kernels
booting, it's probably worth looking into packaging up this module for
creation with module-assistant (and shipping a binary package would be
nice as well).

And as far as uaputl:

 i still haven't been able to find source code for it, but between the
utility's debugging option to show the ioctl contents (-d 2) and the
codes listed in /drivers/net/wireless/libertas_uap/uap_fw.h (found in
[0]), i don't think this would be a difficult tool to rewrite.

Hope this is useful to folks,



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