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Re: NSLU2 not booting after Lenny (5.0.4) installation

Hi Martin

[please CC me on replies]

I'm sorry for the late reply, since I'm not subscribed, saw your reply
only checking the list archives.

> * Salvatore Bonaccorso <salvatore.bonaccorso@gmail.com> [2010-02-16 11:13]:
> > I found the problem. There I attached two disks (one usb stick and one
> > usb harddrive). When now finishing the installation creating the
> > initrd probably flash-kernel got confused and added the wrong device
> > as root device. Re-installing, and only attaching firstly the one disk
> > fixed the problem. 
> You've to change some configs if you want to use more than one disk:
> http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/tips.html#uuid

yes, that was what I finally did. My problem however was, that I did
the installation with both disk attached, then added the UUID for / to
fstab, and regenerated the initrd, however this seem that in my
attempt went wrong. After reinstalling, but only with one disk first,
and doing that step only after the installation as described above,
now all works.

You stated in your Tip-Page: 'Make sure you do this with only one disk
connected' ;-).


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