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Re: NSLU2 not booting after Lenny (5.0.4) installation


On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 10:26:32AM +0100, Salvatore Bonaccorso wrote:
> [please Cc me on relplies, since I'm not subscribed to debian-arm]
> I needed to reinstall my NSLU2, which was previously running fine with
> an older Lenny image. Yesterday I followed the procedure in [1] and
> all the installation through the d-i went fine. The troubles began but
> then with the first boot. Network does not come up, and it is
> impossible to access the NSLU2.
> The following is possible to follow, according to [2] i get to the
> point where disk and ethernet led get green, and then shortly after
> ethernet led turns off. This means that ethernet will be loaded.
> But now the ethernet led never gets back to green, so the firmware
> does not seem to get loaded?
> The runlevel 2 too, does not enter, and thus even enabled bootlogd via
> /etc/default/bootlogd I do not get boot logs.

I found the problem. There I attached two disks (one usb stick and one
usb harddrive). When now finishing the installation creating the
initrd probably flash-kernel got confused and added the wrong device
as root device. Re-installing, and only attaching firstly the one disk
fixed the problem. 

So this was more or less cleary a user-side Problem ;-)


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