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Fwd: 8.9" CT-PC89E ARM netbook .... UPDATE 06 FEB 2010 20:30 HKT

ok this is from adam, today.  i've placed the photos at:

dissecting them, it's possible to (roughly) conclude the following
additional information:

* there is a 16-pin "mini port" which looks consistent with the "mini
LAN" spec and it looks like this is an RJ45 dongle job.  it may be the
case that more is possible off of that connector.

* next to the 16-pin "mini port" is what looks like a composite video
out, but i think is actually the power socket, the scale on these
photos is confusing! :)

* next to those is 2 USB2 ports.

* on one photo there is what looks like a SIM card slot, Headphone,
Speaker, an SD Card slot and mini HDMI!

the factory say that there is room for a PCI-e modem, inside (i know a
distributor who can supply EM775 or EM770 modems) but we'll really
have to wait until we get one, open it up and inspect it.

also, note the web site http://www.mid-fun.com and the release date of
the OS (2009-12-18) so there's some active maintainers.


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From: Adam Gill <madallig@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 12:34 PM
Subject: Re: 8.9" CT-PC89E ARM netbook .... UPDATE 06 FEB 2010 20:30 HKT
To: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <luke.leighton@googlemail.com>

Hi Luke,

Here's the latest news 8.9" CT-PC89E ARM netbook.

1. Still expecting to get the 20 pcs on Tuesday
2. 3G module connection. Factory informs it's a PCI-e modem - slot
size is 26.2x16.5mm, simiar to the mobile sim.
3. The 256mb ram is soldered to the motherboard
4. Mini USB - it is OTG.Supports  rj45 - attached picture - IMG_3428.jpg
4. Samsung 6410 can support the max is 256mb.But Samsung 6410 DDR2 can
support 512M or 1GB
5. Factory can change the CPU, to SiRFprima BGA445, or Samsung 6410
DDR2 if order large quantity
6. HDD - the max HDD is 8GB and the current 2GB is soldered in.
7. Instruction manual is in Chinese - no English version yet  ... so
I've asked for the Chinese instruction manual first.
8. Built in web camera -  they do not have any stock and they did not
give me the part no. - I have asked them a couple of times.
They have tried to get the web cam to work and they have been
partially successful so far in that it can take picturs of the user,
but they have not been able to get it to work with any web applications.

In one of my last emails I said that the factory would welcome any
feedback  ......... but they are not asking for our help!

I was at another factory yesterday afternoon. Mistake don't go to a
factory in Shenzhen on a Friday afternoon ............ 1 hour trafic

Anyway  I had to pick up a couple of 7" Xburst JZ4750 netbooks, and
look at their production line....... I was mentioning about the 8.9"
LCD display, and this factory said that Innolux has stopped producing
8.9" displays, and so had a few other display factories - they say
they were about to launch a range of 8.9" netbooks but had to cancel
them due to no supply of this size

I'm not sure if this means if the 8.9" production is being really
stopped or not, but it makes me wonder what display CT-PC89E will use
in the future - perhaps the factory making the CT-PC89E have secured
the last stock of this display .... I will find out more and see if
this is rumour or fact.

I saw somewhere in an email that I am non-technical - correction I am
non-technical in the Linux and software field - I am quite technical
when it comes to mechanical engineering . I have worked in many fields
in Hong Kong/China, in the manufacturing field with many different
products from watch movement to large x-ray collumers, and with many
different products in between these .. I guess the closest I have come
to working with software so far, was with a toy company where we
worked together with sofware houses to develop software for robotic
and animaltronic toys.

But all this Linux stuff ........... software / hardware is new to me
- but I'm learning fast ............... and it's a growing interest of
mine! ...


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