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Re: SS4000-like device


On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 10:06:04PM -0600, tsuraan wrote:

> I'd like to follow those directions, but to do that, I think I need
> to put a ramdisk.gz and a zImage somewhere on my drives, or
> something. Where do the files need to be for RedBoot to be able to
> load them?

On the flash memory that theses devices does have.

You'll install Debian normaly on the hard drive and, when done, a
script specialy crafted for the machine will take the kernel et initrd
from the HD and write them on the flash.

AFAIU, the NAS need these files to be on his flash to "see" them for

> Or, do I need to fiddle with RedBoot at all? If I just netboot a
> Debian ARM installer (where can I get one for armel IOP32x, by the
> way), 

For example here :


(This one is the firmware specific for the SS4000-E, but you'll find
also there a generic one for IOP32x : vmlinuz-2.6.30-2-iop32x)

> does the install process modify the data in RedBoot for me?

Yes. After the installation, the NAS will be ready to boot (since the
kernel and initrd will be copied from the hard disk to the flash
memory of the machine, where it can find them and boot).

To perform the initial installation, you have at least two routes :

- flash your NAS with the supplied firmware ;

- boot your NAS by tftp (which is relatively easy).

If you are not sure that your's is a SS4000-E, you should probably
follow the second routes to leave the original firmware intact on the
NAS for the time to be sure that it will work.

I have the suitable commands in a file somewhere if you want to give
it a try.

> I'm really only familiar with x86, so this whole non-MBR thing is
> pretty foreign to me.

I understand :-) It was the same here. But once you get Debian
installed (thanks to this list), you'll think it's just another way to
start a computer, so why not ?




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