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SS4000-like device

I have a device that is similar to the Intel SS4000-E, but not exactly
the same.  Specifically, it has blank hard drives, so whatever web
interface it should have isn't present.  It does have RedBoot, and I
can boot its installed kernel/initrd, up to the point where the initrd
tries to mount the real boot devices and fails.

All the directions for installing Debian (or anything else) on ARM
start with loading a custom firmware into the machine's web interface
for firmware upgrades.  Even the directions at
start with that step and then move into the RedBoot interface.  I'd
like to follow those directions, but to do that, I think I need to put
a ramdisk.gz and a zImage somewhere on my drives, or something.  Where
do the files need to be for RedBoot to be able to load them?

Or, do I need to fiddle with RedBoot at all?  If I just netboot a
Debian ARM installer (where can I get one for armel IOP32x, by the
way), does the install process modify the data in RedBoot for me?  I'm
really only familiar with x86, so this whole non-MBR thing is pretty
foreign to me.

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