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Re: arm926RJ-S in unknown 7" netbook - Ideas on loading debian?

>  bios. Processor Typer is listed as AKARM, ARM926-AKCHIP in windows CE.

Last time I checked there is no linux support for this machine. Without
documentation I wouldn't expect this to change any time soon.

> I am going to hop over and look into making a generic usb boot stick and
>  try that, but thought I would drop a line here and see if anyone had any

There's no such thing as a "generic USB boot stick".


Paul, good information about the no support. Thanks!
Ok, not generic usb boot stick. I built 2 or 3 different ISO ones. Still experimenting. I was able to confirm that without docs and the bios password it is a very light brick. Cannot touch the current flash without the password.

It would have made a nice thin client though... 

steve pirk
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