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arm926RJ-S in unknown 7" netbook - Ideas on loading debian?

Hey list,

I have been messing with Debian on my Sheevaplug, but today picked up what I thought would be a piece 'o cake. It is a 7" netbook, 800x480 lcd, 3 usb ports ethernet and wireless. Looks like 2 GB flash disk, with Windows CE installed on it. Problem is, it asks for a password when trying to "press F1 key to update system". Processor reports ARM926EJ-S 248Mhz as it boots bios. Processor Typer is listed as AKARM, ARM926-AKCHIP in windows CE.

I was stumped on getting it apart to see if there was any info on the system board - forget it for now ;-]

I am going to hop over and look into making a generic usb boot stick and try that, but thought I would drop a line here and see if anyone had any ideas [erasing that password would help a LOT methinks ;-]

Suppliers do not know the bios password [store owner or the next up the chain], but at $135 qty 1 retail price, I could not resist the challenge. Make a hell of an always on thin client/media/whatever thingie. I want to put one in my car. Oh, has an SD slot besides the 3 usb ports. And wireless. Wireless... ;-]

steve pirk
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