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Re: nslu2 and 2.6.26-19

En/na Martin Michlmayr ha escrit:
So, I just did an upgrade from 2.6.26-12 to 2.6.26-19lenny1 without
any problems.

Pierre's problem was the sda->sdb change, a known problem which will
be fixed with the squeeze installer.

I also haven't heard from anyone else about problems with the upgrade,
so I doubt the new kernel has a problem.

Xan, have you tried connecting your disks to another machine and
running fsck over the partitions?
Martin, thanks for testing.
I confirmed that switching is the problem. I change paths in /etc/fstab for UUID, rebooting and upgrade kernel and all works fine. So the "bug" of the kernel is the swapping.

Thanks all of you, Martin, Pierre, Ben for helping in this bug,

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