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Re: nslu2 and 2.6.26-19

En/na Pierre Maziere ha escrit:
Hi Xan,

Yesterday I applied the security updates to my nslu2 running debian.
It seems that I have the same problem that you had some days ago (http://osdir.com/ml/general/2009-10/msg05976.html) : the nslu2 hang with one led on, and doesn't seem to complete the boot process (the logs are empty)

Pain for I'm not the only one ;-)

I can't manage to find anyone else that run into the same problem.
Did you find a way to fix it, apart from reinstalling everything ?

No. As you see in the mailing list, because I have not serial port, I had to reinstall it whole. But ask to Martin Michlmayr if you backup (with cat /dev/mtdblock* > image) the flash, perhaps you could reinstall _only_ the flash and not the whole system.

I CC the arm mailing list (I hope you don't anoy) because two person with the same problem seems to point a probable _bug_. Anyone with serial console could see what happens.

I open new bug: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=552296 . Please, make all comments you like.

I'm sorry for I can't help you better.




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