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Re: debian on OpenRD Client

* Anders Fluur <anders@fluur.net> [2009-10-27 08:52]:
> Installing using the debian installer works quite god until late in the
> procedure where it hangs indefenitely. (In "setting up users" for example)

So it doesn't hang at the same point all the time?  How reproducible
is this?

I installed on the OpenRD-Client a few weeks ago without any problems.

> There is one problem before this. I have to exit to shell and install and
> run ntpdate because there is som clock related problems on the board
> (revision A0)

Can you describe that clock problem some more?

> Any ideas what makes debian installer stop working? Is the USB disk the
> problem? The SD card does not seem to be a recognised  installation option!

iirc SD is not initialized by the kernel yet.
Martin Michlmayr

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