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Re: debian on OpenRD Client

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 1:54 PM, Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote:
* Anders Fluur <anders@fluur.net> [2009-10-27 08:52]:
> Installing using the debian installer works quite god until late in the
> procedure where it hangs indefenitely. (In "setting up users" for example)

So it doesn't hang at the same point all the time?  How reproducible
is this?
It has happened twice. I've tried modifying the Sheevaplug root FS with OpenRD client kernel instead, but failed so far.

I installed on the OpenRD-Client a few weeks ago without any problems.
Do you have an A0 as well?

> There is one problem before this. I have to exit to shell and install and
> run ntpdate because there is som clock related problems on the board
> (revision A0)

Can you describe that clock problem some more?
Everytime I have started the box it's time is 1954 something. When running the Debian installer, some validation of the busybox package fails because of this.
When Googling for the problem I found the solution was to exit to shell and install and run ntpdate

> Any ideas what makes debian installer stop working? Is the USB disk the
> problem? The SD card does not seem to be a recognised  installation option!

iirc SD is not initialized by the kernel yet.
Martin Michlmayr

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