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Re: Problems upgrading kernel --> possible bug?

En/na Martin Michlmayr ha escrit:
* Xan <dxpublica@telefonica.net> [2009-10-15 13:40]:
Any hint? should I have to reinstall another way the debian?

Unless you can connect a serial console, I don't think there's an easy
way to find out what's going on.

I see you're using two disks.  This is often a cause for boot problems
since the boot order might change (sda becomes sdb, and sdb becomes
sda).  However, it seems you have RAID, so assuming both disks are in
RAID and you only use /dev/mdX in /etc/fstab rather than /dev/sdXY
this shouldn't apply here.

Yes, I have RAID 1. And in fstab in theory I have the mdX entry.
By you say, I think I have no escape for restoring the system. Another way (5 times with that) I have to reinstall it. 8-|

Refering to possible bug, anyone could upgrade the linux-image 2.6.26-2-ixp4xx from 2.6.26-17lenny2 to 2.6.26-19 for confirming the bug in any test slug? Anyone with serial port.

Thanks a lot, Martin,

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