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Re: Etch->Lenny upgrade gone bad

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Hi Del,
> * Del Merritt <del@alum.mit.edu> [2009-09-23 21:53]:
>> I mentioned that I have a "good" Lenny slug.  I'm hoping there's a
>> clever way for me to flash its vmlinuz (and anything else from the
>> good Lenny install) to the former-Etch slug.
> There is, although it remains to be seen whether it will help.

Well, as you (implicitly) predicted, that didn't help.  Since the HDD is
still quite mountable, I did an:
%  find bin boot etc initrd lib sbin sys usr -ls
in / on both machines.  I then  whipped up a little script to compare
the results, looking for common (and not) files and, when common, if the
sizes matched.  A daunting number are different or only on one or the
other.  *sigh*

So I'll copy my "important" files off of the / partition and then try
one of the "don't blow away my existing partitions" methods of a fresh
lenny install.  I had hoped to avoid this, just 'cuz, but the full
install - once I'm done with all the backups, just in case - is pretty

And I still need to turbo the beast.  So many projects; so little time.

Thanks for the suggestions, though. 


> You can make a copy of your good machine with:
>     cat /dev/mtdblock? > backup
> and then upload that to your broken machine with:
>     upslug2 -U -i backup
>> I'm open to other suggestions; I haven't tried (yet) plugging my
>> etch->lenny disk to the good lenny box; aside from MAC address and
>> IP address, is there system-specific information in the flashed
>> data?
> The IP address is actually stored on disk, not in flash (at least in
> case the Debian).  See /etc/network/interfaces
> The MAC address is not stored in flash either.  However, the udev
> rules will mention the MAC address to ensure it always uses the same
> network name.  So when you plug your disk into the other NSLU2 you'll
> have to adapt /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
> Apart from that, it should work fine.
>> In fact, I happen to have a third slug - still in box - and I'd love
>> to have a clever way to clone one of the other two without having to
>> go through the full Debian Installer (or the even slower aptitude
>> [full|safe]-upgrade process).
> It's actually pretty easy to clone a NSLU2:
>  - tar up the whole disk and untar it to another disk with the same
>    disk partition layout.
>  - Edit /etc/network/interfaces (in case it has a static IP, rather
>    than DHCP)
>  - Edit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
>  - Make a copy of flash (as above) and write it to the other
>    device (again, as above).
> It's on my TODO list to write a HOWTO describing how to clone a NSLU2
> but I'm not sure when I'll find the time.
>> Sorry for a long first post here; I've had worry-free slug operation
>> in the past, and thought I had the ducks in a row.  Thanks for any
>> ideas,
> No problem.  I hope you get it working.

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