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Re: apex-nslu2 error

Hi Al

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 11:50, Al <vanilla.source@gmail.com> wrote:
> Gordon Farquharson wrote:
>>> + tmp=/tmp/filelburYO
>>> + egrep -v '\*='
>>> + apex-env printenv
>> There must have been more to the output. The program can't have ended
>> at this point.
> That's the total output, I'm not leaving anything out.

That's really odd. Can you try again, and email the contents of the
temporary file that is created, i.e. the contents of the file listed
in the line "+ tmp=/tmp/filelburYO". In the example above, the
temporary file is named "/tmp/filelburYO", but the file name will be
different every time. If the new temporary file doesn't exist, let me


Gordon Farquharson
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