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Re: apex-nslu2 error

Gordon Farquharson wrote:
+ tmp=/tmp/filelburYO
+ egrep -v '\*='
+ apex-env printenv

There must have been more to the output. The program can't have ended
at this point.

That's the total output, I'm not leaving anything out.

I do see what you mean, when I compare it to the output from another slug.

Also, what is the output of:
   apex-env printenv

# apex-env printenv
bootaddr *= 0x00008000
cmdline *= console=ttyS0,115200 rtc-x1205.probe=0,0x6f noirqdebug
cmdline-alt *= console=ttyS0,115200 rtc-x1205.probe=0,0x6f noirqdebug
fis-drv *= nor:0x7e0000+4k
kernelsrc *= fis://kernel
kernelsrc-alt *= fis://kernel
ramdiskaddr *= 0x01000000
ramdisksrc *= fis://ramdisk
ramdisksrc-alt *= fis://ramdisk
startup *= copy -s $kernelsrc $bootaddr; copy -s $ramdisksrc $ramdiskaddr; wait 10 Type ^C key to cancel autoboot.; boot

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