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Re: GlobalScale Technologies OpenRD-client -- anybody got it working with Debian yet?

I asked this a while ago, but got no answer (Martin was on vacation -- I hope it was a good one, Martin!).

Has anybody had any success?  Want to tell us about it?

I've gotten it to boot. It comes with a stripped-down Fedora-core-8 Linux in the Flash. But I've been having trouble talking to the serial console. Supposedly this should happen via the mini-USB serial port, but I can't get my host machine [A PowerMac G4 running Debian Lenny] to recognize it as a USB serial device. For details, see the discussion at




On Aug 12, 2009, at 4:23 PM, Rick Thomas wrote:

I just got my second SheevalPlug and an OpenRD-Client today from Globalscale. (Ordered it in mid-June -- they seem to be badly backordered...)

Does anybody have any experience getting Debian running on the OpenRD?



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